Behavioral Health Services


Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program - Adults

The program provides adults with structured individual and group sessions designed to develop and enhance independent living skills and the managment of mental illness symptoms. The goal is to assist individuals with the transition from a long period of hospitalization to successfully re-enter the community, and to assist those individuals already in the community with maintaining and enhancing their skills.


Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program - Minors

This program provides youth and their families with structured individual and group sessions designed to help manage challenging behaviors. The goal is to provide behavioral interventions that help the child avoid the need for higher levels of care, expulsion from school, and/or loss of residential placement. We have particular focus on coping skills, anger management, and life skills development. We work collaboratively with the child, guardian, and other service providers involved in the child’s care.


Cognitive Elevations Behavioral Health Services is committed to the wellness of individuals, their families, and the community through prevention, intervention, treatment, and education. Our mission is to support, educate and provide interventions and services to empower families living with the challenges of behavioral, emotional and mental health disorders.

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With locations in Towson, Cognitive Elevations Behavioral Health Services is a client centered, recovery driven, behavioral health agency that provides mental health services for those in need of support.